I Plants Magazine January 2021 Edition

I Plants Magazine January 2021 Edition

January 2021 Issue #1 click here

In this issue we look at TPIE’s 2021 virtual trade show and education sessions. I know most of us really miss getting together in south Florida and miss seeing all our favourite industry friends. I hope we will be seeing each other once again sometime soon. In the meantime please take the time to take part in TPIE’s sessions online. There is some great information being offered and some of that is available at no cost! TPIE runs online this month from Jan 20-22nd 2021. 

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Also in this issue we take a look back at 2020 with an article by Kari Maddox of Green Scenes indoor landscaping in North Carolina. I feel her article will resonate with many interiorscapers across the globe. 2020 was such a historic year in all our lives and careers!

Our friend Stuart Swaddling from down under gives us an update on how things are going in Australia and a call to action to support the organizations and associations that are supporting the industry.

Shane Pliska President of Planterra in Detroit, Michigan gives us some industry perspective on recent interior plantscape news. We are hopeful that Shane will be a regular contributor of articles to iPlants magazine. He has vast industry knowledge as he has grown up in the industry and is a second-generation business owner.

I would also like to introduce you to Carolyn J.C. Goodman CLP-I Emeritus she is the author of Smartee Plants “A Professional’s Guide to Indoor Plant Care”. After spending her career interiorscaping in the beautiful state of Hawaii, Carolyn is now striving to help educate the newcomers to the industry. She will be a regular author to iPlants magazine as we start the journey of looking into the history of the interiorscape industry and the benefits of the education certification that the Landscape Industry Certified Interior Technician provides. (Formerly CLT-I).




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