2024 Certified Plantscape Technician - Interior(CPT-I) Designation

One of the many ways the International Plantscape Industry Corporation serves the interior plantscape industry is by offering the online 2024 Certified Plantscape Technician – Interior (CPT-I) certification course (formally managed and owned/operated by NALP). Click HERE to read the full media release.


Check out our 2024 Certified Plantscape Technician- Interior (CPT-I) certification course information booklet by clicking on the image below:

By earning this designation your staff will demonstrate their expertise in the field of interior plantscaping (plant identification, installation, maintenance, irrigation, disease, insects and safe pesticide usage, client interaction, and safety and health protocols).

Once your company has enrolled as a Business Member with the CPT-I designation program, your company can purchase the 2024 CPT-I certification course for each course registrant (each staff member). Please click HERE for pricing.

The 2024 CPT-I certification course includes for each course registrant 10 online comprehensive education and training Plantscape Technician Modules - included as well is an online refresher quiz after each module. Also included is one online final exam for each course registrant to earn their course certificate. Each course registrant will be given the first two attempts with the online final exam at no cost - the third attempt will involve an administration fee.

Business Members can purchase the online 2024 Interior Plantscaping Reference & Study Guide (Format: Online PDF) that can be shared with all your staff that are enrolled in the 2024 CTP-I certification course to utilize to study for their online final exam. Please click HERE for pricing.

Each registrant has one year to complete both the online certification course and their online final exam, and acquire 6 CEU credits from a registered trade organization affiliate in order to recertify their designation for the next year. Please click HERE for the Recertification Policy and CEU Information Booklet.

An individual who commits the time and energy to prepare for, and pass, the online certification exam will benefit from increased self-esteem, as well as respect and recognition in the interior plantscape industry.

The employer who hires certified technicians and encourages and supports staff to pursue the designations, will have marketing advantages over companies that do not.

Companies may experience less employee turnover because of the loyalty that is a byproduct of encouraging people to succeed and will have a workforce that is committed to the profession and the delivery of high quality, cost-effective goods and services. The organization that includes a requirement for certified staff in their bidding specifications does so because it wants to be in business with people who have matched their knowledge against a national standard and earned certification.

They recognize the completion of the testing process is indicative of the ability to perform under pressure and meet deadlines. Certification is one area of common ground that clients can use to judge quality. In the long run, it saves the customer money because the contractor's knowledge, skill, and ability make your staff better able to meet contract specifications and successfully manage both the schedule and budget.

If you have an interest in joining the ranks of Certified Interior Plantscape Technicians, please email us at: certification@iplantsmagazine.com. 

Please check back soon for more updates on the online 2024 Certified Plantscape Technician – Interior (CPT-I) certification course.


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